Batch adding new users using the Blog & User Creator

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The Blog & User Creator is designed to bulk add users to blogs and is the fastest way of adding new users to your blog.  Click on Add more button at the bottom of the page if you want to add more than 5 users in a batch.

If you want to add users to your blog and create blogs at the same time then you use the Create blog option in the Blog & User Creator.

Please Note:

  • This feature is available to Edublogs Campus blogs only.
  • If you want to add users to your blog and create blogs at the same time then you use the Create blog option in the Blog & User Creator.
  • Please use My Class if you have set it up on your blog.
  • If you see “This feature has been disabled by the administrator of your network” on a page in the Blog & User Creator you need to contact the Blog Support team for your Campus network and ask them to enable the Blog & User Creator components in Settings > Blog & User Creator in the network admin dashboard.

Adding a new user

1.  Go to Users > Blog & User Creator 

2.  Click on the Add New Users tab

3.  Add suitable usernames.

  • Use only lowercase letters and numbers, with no spaces, in the username
  • The username is what they use to sign into the blog dashboard and is displayed on posts and comments they write. You can’t change a username,  however you can change what name is displayed.
  • If you are creating a new username and see ‘Sorry, that username already exists!’ it means you need to use a more unique username.  Remember there is over 1,000,000 users in  A simple solution for students is to use a combination of their first name, school initials and their room or year.

4.  Add their email address

  • You can’t create several usernames with the same email address because the system resets password based on email address.
  • Spam filters, especially strict ones for institutional email addresses, often block these activation emails.

5.  Add their password

  • leave this blank if you want to let the system automatically create the password

6.  Select their role (learn more about user role’s here)

7.   Click Submit to create and add them to your blog.

8.  Your users are now automatically added to your blog and will be listed on Users > All Users.   They’ll receive an email with their login details.

Edublogs Support Manager @suewaters on Twitter

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