Changing your personal settings in Your Profile

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You can customise global settings for your username in the Your Profile screen.   Any changes to these settings apply to all blogs accessed with that username.

Your user profile is quickly accessed in your dashboard via the Users > Your Profile or Profile > Your Profile menu option.  Remember to click Update Profile after making any changes on Your Profile screen.

Your Profile screen has quite a few options, so lets explain them one at a time.

Personal options

There are three personal preferences you can set for your username:

Enable/Disable Visual Editor

All users have access to the Visual Editor and HTML Editor for writing posts and pages by default.

Place a check in this box if you only wish to use the HTML Editor.  This option is included because a few users prefer to write using the HTML editor only.

Image of HTML editor

Change Admin Color Scheme

This option changes the colors in your blog dashboard  Gray is the default and your other choice is blue.

Image of admin color options

Enable Keyboard Shortcuts

This option provides the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to browse and moderate comments. Place a check in this box if you only wish to use these shortcuts.  Refer to Keyboard Shortcuts for more information.

Disable Tips

These are the helpful tips which are displayed at the top of your administration panel that change as you navigates inside your dashboard.

Change to No if you don’t want these tips displayed.

Change Display Name

You can’t change your username but you can use the options here to change your name that is publicly displayed when you write posts or comments.

Here’s how you do it:

1.  Add your first name and last name.


2.  Click on the drop down arrow to select your preferred publicly displayed name

3.  Click Update Profile again

4.  Now every post or comment you write on (or the Edublogs Campus site) will display that name.

Change Contact Info

The email address is the only required information in the Contact info section.  Currently AIM, Yahoo, Jabber and Google Talk displays only inside Your Profile inside your dashboard — there is no need to complete this details.

Change Email

Your email address is required. You may change this, but you can only use one e-mail address per username.  This email address must be valid because to confirm that change an  email will be sent to this address and it won’t be changed until you click on the link in the email.

Here’s how to change your email address.

Add Website

This is the URL that will be linked to your username if you are logged into your account when your write comments.

Please note:

  • If you update your web site link it doesn’t change this details in past comments only those made in the future.
  • Your comment avatar is automatically linked to your primary blog (you can change your Primary blog in Dashboard > My Sites).
  • Adding your website link makes it easier for the blogger and other commenters to follow the comment on their blog to your blog to read more about your thoughts and who you are.

About Yourself

The Biographical Info displays only inside Your Profile inside your dashboard — there is no need to complete this details.

Change Password

The new password area is where  you update your password.

Here is how to change your password.

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