Adding a Twitter widget to your sidebar

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You can add any other widgets you find on the Internet by pasting their embed code into a text widget in your sidebar.

This is how you add widgets from WidgetBox, Voki, Shelfari BookshelfFlag Counter,  Feedjit Live Traffic Feed, Google Calendar and so on!

It is also how you add a Twitter widget to your sidebar.

Adding a Twitter widget

1.  Log into your Twitter account on

2.  Go to your Twitter Settings page.

3.  Click on Widgets.

4.  Click on Create New.

5.  Choose which type of widget you want to create.

6.  Customize the widget and click Create Widget.

Configure your twitter widget

7.  Copy the embed code.

Copy the embed code

8.  Log into your blog.

9.  Go to Appearance > Widgets.

10.  Drag a text widget into your sidebar.

11.  Paste the embed code from into the text widget in your sidebar.

12.  Presto!  You should now have a Twitter widget in your sidebar.

About the Twitter widget

The new Twitter widget from allows you to embed the full experience on any website.

It creates a timeline similar to what you see on where any one who sees it can reply to you, reply to a specific tweet, retweet or favorite any tweet directly from the Twitter widget without leaving your blog.

Important Twitter Widget tips

  • If the embed code is removed when you click  Save, and you don’t see your voki in your blog sidebar,  it means you are using a free blog.
  • To enable the use of almost any embed code in posts, pages and text widgets on your blog, and your students’ blogs, you need to upgrade your blog to Edublogs Pro or be using an Edublogs Campus blog.
  • Check you’ve typed the correct domain if the embed code isn’t working.

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