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The 3D Rotating Tag Cloud Plugin creates a beautiful rotating and animated representation of all your tags and/or categories which visitors can then click on to visit archives.

Here’s an example of what the widget looks like:

3D Tag Cloud Widget

Configuring Widget

Once you have activated the 3D Rotating Tag Cloud (WP-Culumus) Plugin in Plugins > All just drag  the new WP-Culumus widget into your desired sidebar in Appearance -> Widgets and you’ll see that the widget settings look like this:

Once you add the widget to your sidebar from the Appearance -> Widgets page, you’ll see that the widget settings look like this:

Title:  Sets the title to be shown above tag cloud (e.g. Posts by Tags)

Width:  Sets the width of the widget.  Default width of 160 works well for smaller sidebars.  Anything up to 300 will work fine in most cases.

Height:  Sets the height of the widget.   Ideally, the height should be 3/4 of the width to allow tags to be displayed without cropping.

Tag Color:  Controls the color of the tags.  Default tag color is blue (333333).  Change it by typing the hexadecimal color you’d like to use for the tags.   Black (000000) works well with light backgrounds and white (ffffff) is recommended for dark backgrounds.

Optional second color for gradient:  This allows you to create a multi-colored tag color.  When you use two different colors for tag color and optional second color, each tag’s color will be created from a gradient between the two.

Optional Highlight color:  The color the tag changes to when you hover your mouse over a tag.  Default optional highlight color is black (000000) i.e.  if you keep the default settings the tag color changes from blue to black.

Background color:  The hexadecimal color for the background you would like to use.  Default background color is white (ffffff).

Background transparency:  Used to enable a transparent background.  Enabling can cause problems in some web browsers.

Speed:   This controls the rotation speed of the tag cloud.  The default speed is 100.    Options between 25 and 500 work best.

Distribute evenly on sphere:  When enabled it will attempt to distribute the tags evenly over the surface of the sphere.

Tags, Categories, Both:  Allows you to choose whether to show tags only, categories only or both mixed together.

wp_tag_cloud parameters:  This allows you to change aspects of how your tag cloud works.  It is designed for the more advanced user.   Examples of use are if you add number=20 it limits the number of tags displayed to 20 or if you add smallest=5&largest=50 it restricts the font sizes to these size ranges.

You can also configure the 3 D Tag Cloud widget in Settings > WP-Culumus however for most situations we recommend you make the changes using the configuration options on the widget.