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Educators often don’t want their students to use their own email address for creating online accounts.

Unfortunately unique email addresses are important for password resets and deleting blogs.

The gmail+ method provides the solution!  How it works is you create one gmail account for your class.

For example, mathiscool@gmail.com or room16@gmail.com.

Set up a class gmail account

Then you use your one class gmail account with the gmail+ method to create each student account.

Gmail ignores any letters and numbers you add after a + sign and sends all emails to the one account while our system thinks each is a unique email.

So for example, you might use:

  • room16+emmasblp16@gmail.com for username emmasblp16
  • room16+liamwblp16@gmail.com for username liamwblp16

and so on for creating their usernames and gmail will send all emails to the class gmail account room16@gmail.com

Remember it is:

class_email + student_username@gmail.com

Here’s is what the gmail+ method looks like when you use it to create student blogs:

Gmail plus

We recommend you use the preset password option and record their username/password/blog URL in a spreadsheet as you create their blogs.   Some teacher require students to informed them when passwords are changed so they have a record of the student’s latest password.

Example of a spreadsheet

Please Note:

  • You must use a real gmail account– either use your own gmail account or set up a gmail account for your class e.g. room16@gmail.com.
  • This also means that if you want to moderate comments on student posts they will be sent to your class email address.
  • Also all password resets will be sent to your class email address.