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When writing your post or page you have two editing modes you can use:

  1. Visual Editor
  2. Text Editor

Most people use the Visual editor for most of their writing, as it looks similar to a word processor, and switch to the Text editor when they want to write their posts in HTML or add embed code.

You switch between the two editors by clicking on Visual or Text tab at the top of your editor.


Visual Editor

The area where you write your post is by default in Visual Editing mode which uses WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) option for formatting.

It works similar to any Word processing software.

Simply write your post (or page), highlight any text you want to format and then click the appropriate icon in the toolbar to add formatting such as bold, italics, number list.

A small tool tip appears describing the icon and its purpose when you hover your mouse over an icon in the visual editor.

There are two rows of icons contained on the visual editor.


The visual editor displays a single row of icons when it is initially opened and you use the Toolbar Toogle icon to view the advanced formatting options contained in the second row.  The advanced formatting options include heading styles, underlining, font color, custom characters, undo, redo.

Toolbar Toogle

You can also enable additional formatting options by activating the following plugins:

  1. Easy Table – adds buttons to your Visual Editor to make it easy to add tables to your posts and pages.
  2. Supreme Google Webfonts – Google webfonts into a nice dropdown list in your Visual Editor and allows you to change the font type and font size.

Refer to activating plugins support page for more details.

For more detailed information refer to Visual Editor support page.

Visual Editor Video

Text Editor

The text editor has fewer options. It allows you to write your posts in HTML and to add embed code.   You use the Text editor to embed media such as slides, videos, comic strips, quizzes, polls.  You can also insert embed code using the Insert Embed Code in Add Media.

Refer to the following support documentation to learn more:

  1. Embedding media including slides, quizzes, comic, polls
  2. Popular web tools that can be embedded

You click on the Text Tab on post/page editor to switch to the Text editing mode.

This is what the editor looks like when changed to text editing mode.

Text editing mode

Missing Visual Editor

If you go to write a new post or page and find your Visual Editor is missing it normally means either:

  1. You’ve selected ‘Disable the visual editor when writing’ in Users > Your Profile.
  2. Your editor is stuck in Text editing mode.

Your post/page editor looks like this if your Visual Editor is missing:

Missing visual editor

This is easily fixed!

Here’s how:

1. Go to Users > Your Profile

Your Profile

2.  Uncheck the checkbox next to  ‘Disable the visual editor when writing’.

Disable editor

3.  Click Update Profile.

Update profile

If  ‘Disable the visual editor when writing’ wasn’t selected it means your editor is stuck in Text Editing mode and you just need to:

1. Go to Users > Your Profile

Your Profile

2.  Select the checkbox next to  ‘Disable the visual editor when writing’.

Select Disable

3.  Click Update Profile.

Update profile

4.  Uncheck the checkbox next to  ‘Disable the visual editor when writing’.

Disable editor

5.  Click Update Profile.

Update profile

Resizing the Editor

You can increase the size of your editor by dragging the lower right corner.

Resizing the editor

Troubleshooting Editor issues

Some issues that you might encounter using your editor may be browser related.

The best option is try an alternative browser.   FireFox and Chrome are recommended for optimal performance.

Please contact support if an alternative browser hasn’t helped and you are still having problems.