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By upgrading your account to Edublogs Pro, you get access to premium themes, more storage space, student management tools, plugins and more!

Premium themes

Access to over 200 Premium themes for more customization of your Pro blog and student blogs.

Free and Edublogs Pro Only themes are found in Appearance > Themes page of your dashboard.

After upgrading your blog to Edublogs Pro or attaching your student blogs to My Class you and your students will be able to activate all themes on Appearance > Themes page.

Pro theme

Privacy options

Make your blog private via Settings > Privacy or change the privacy on all your students blogs with one click using My Class.

Learn more here:

  1. Changing privacy on your Pro blog.
  2. Changing privacy on your student blogs.

Student Blogs & Management tools

“My Class”  is the ultimate tool for class and student blogs.   Using My Class you can easily create and manage dozens of student blogs.

Using “My Class” you can:

  • Allow students to publish their own posts on their student blogs (and the class blog) OR configure it so all student posts must be reviewed by a teacher.
  • Control comment moderation settings on student blogs.
  • Control the privacy settings on all student blogs with just one click!
  • Quickly enable extra features on student blogs to increase their storage space, allow them to embed any code, access Premium themes and so much more.
  • Quickly preview all moderated posts and comments in one location.

My Class can be used to:

  • Manage all your student blogs
  • Manage student post on your class blog

You can attach up to 200 student blogs to an Edublogs Pro blog using My Class.

You can learn more about My Class here.

Increase Storage Space

Increase your space available for all your uploads to 10GB upload space on your Pro blog and to 500 MB on your student blogs attached to your class blog via My Class.

Ample space for all the image, audio, video and other types of files you want to upload!

Embed code

You’ll be able to access embed slides, videos, comic strips, quizzes, polls and so much more directly in posts, pages or text widgets in your sidebar on your Pro blog and student blogs..

Learn more here:

Premium Plugins

Access to over 20 cool plugins that extend and expand the functionality of your blog including plugins for:

  • Creating forms
  • Changing your text font and font size
  • Editing CSS
  • Creating tables in posts and pages
  • Adding Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other Share options

Read more about plugins here!

Premium Support

Need help?  You can send a support request directly from inside your Edublogs Pro dashboard.

It’s as simple as:

1.  Go to Dashboard > Email Support.

Dashboard Email Support

2. Type your message and click Submit Request.

Type message

Integrated statistics

See who’s reading your posts from directly inside your dashboard of your Pro blog.

It’s as simple as go to Stats in your dashboard.


Here’s a summary of stats options:

  • Visitor Summary – provides an overview of your visitor data for the day, week or month (depending on which filter is selected)
  • Content – lists the top posts and pages that have received the most visits
  • Referrers –  lists other blogs, web sites, and search engines that link to your blog. A visit is counted as a referrer when a visitor of the other site clicks a link and lands on a URL of your blog.
  • Visitor Details – provides details on visitor screen resolution, operating system, browser

Below is a visitor’s graph.

Statistics Graph


Access to all premium wikis features of your Pro blog and student blogs.

Other Edublogs Pro Information

Every Pro blog can enable extra features on student blogs using My Class.

1.  Edublogs Pro is per blog.

2.  Which blog becomes a Pro blog depends on which blog dashboard you are in when you upgrade to Pro.

3.  Edublogs Pro subscriptions can be purchased using PayPal or a credit card.

4.  How long PaPal takes to activate your Edublogs Pro status depends on which PayPal payment option is used. Normally it is almost instantaneous however Echecks can take several days.

5.  You’ll see the words ‘+ Pro Account’ in the admin bar of your blog once it has been upgraded to Edublogs Pro.

Pro account link

6.  Payments are automatically renewed by PayPal or your credit card unless you cancel prior to the renewal date.

7.  You can cancel your automatic renewal, change your plan or payment option at any time by clicking on the orange ” + Pro Account” button at the top of your dashboard.

Purchase Pro subscription

You upgrade a blog to Edublogs Pro as follows:

1.  Click on the + Upgrade Blog link in the admin bar of the blog you want to upgrade.

Upgrade link

2. Scroll down the page and click on ‘Select’ under the Edublogs Pro plan you want to subscribe to.

i.e. monthly, every three months or yearly

Select payment schedule

3.  A pop up will launch and you subscribe using our secure PayPal or credit card options.

Enter payment information