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There are situations where a student might have created their own student blog or you need to add an existing student blog to My Class.  This is easily done using Join a Class!

Join a Class

1.  Log into their blog dashboard and go to My Class > Join Class.

2.  Search for your class blog by entering just the first part of your class blog’s URL. For example if the URL is room3.edublogs.org, then you will want to search for room3.

(CampusPress users with domains like sites.mynetwork.edu/mysite will instead search for the last part of the URL. Using this example, you would search for mysite.)

3.  Click on Send a request to join.

Now all you need to do is go to My Class > Student blogs inside your Class blog and click Approve.

Once you’ve done this all your student blogs will be listed on on your My Class > Student blogs page where you’ll be able to view all pending posts, pages and comments.

Navigating between dashboards

When you set up My Class your student users are added as user to the class blog and to the student blog.

The menu items they see depends on which dashboard they are logged into and what settings you have set in My Class > Settings.

If you used the following My Class > Settings:

Class settings

Menu items when logged in as a student user would look like the following:

Menu items

If your students see limited menu items it means they are logged into the Class blog dashboard and need to navigate to their student blog dashboard.

Changing blog dashboards is as simple as:

1.  Go to My Sites dropdown menu in your admin bar.

2.  Click on the dashboard of the blog you want to access.