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The Image widget makes it easy to add images and badges to your sidebar.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s added to a blog sidebar:

Image widget

Please note:

  • You automatically see the image widget in Appearance > Widgets in all Edublogs blog.
  • If you are using a CampusPress blog you need to activate the Image Widget plugin in Plugins to add the Image widget to Appearance > Widgets.


Once you add the widget to your sidebar in Appearance > Widgets, you’ll see the widget settings look like this:

Image Widget Settings

  • Widget title:  The title displayed above the image.
  • Add Image:  Used to insert an image into the widget by uploading from your computer or from your media library.
  • Caption: The text displayed as a caption below the image.
  • Link:  The URL to link the image to.
  • Stay in Window drop down menu:  This controls if the link opens up in a new window/tab or stays in same window/tab when a reader clicks on the image.
  • Width:  The display width, in pixels, of the image.  This should be a value equal to or less than your theme’s sidebar.
  • Height:  The display height, in pixels, of the image.
  • Align:  Controls the alignment of the image in the widget.  Options are: none, left, center, right.
  • Alternate text: Text to be used as a replacement whenever the image cannot be viewed. (Optional)

Adding an Image

1.  Add the image widget to the desired sidebar.

2.  Click on Add Image.

3.  Click on Select File,  locate the image and then click Open to upload the image.

4.  Click Insert into Widget.

Click inset into Widget

5.   Add your Title.

Add your title

6.  Add the text you want to appear below the image into the Caption field.

  • Supports the use of HTML code so you can use this to link to websites and format the text.

Add your caption

7.  Add a website URL to Link field if you want to link the image to a specific website.


8.  Select Open New Window if you want the link to open in new browser tab.

Select open in new window

9.  Adjust your width and height – if necessary.

Adjust dimensions

10. Select your preferred alignment from the drop down menu next to Align.

Select Alignment

11.  Add your alternative text.

  • This is what displays if your image fails to load.

Add alternative text

12.  Click Save.

Click Save

13.  You should now see your image widget in your sidebar!

Image widget