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You can easily share your posts on several social media networks automatically when you publish a new post using the Publicize module in the Jetack by plugin.

Enable Jetpack Plugin

To get started you first need to activate the Jetpack plugin as follows:

  1. Enable Jetpack using existing account
  2. Enable Jetpack by creating a new account

Set up Auto-post

You connect your blog to your social network profiles as follows:

1.  Go to Jetpack > Settings

Jetpack Settings page

2.  Hover your mouse over Publicize.  This brings up the Activate link which you click to enable the publicize module.


3. Go to Settings > Sharing

Go to Sharing settings

4. Click the “Connect” button next to the service you want to auto-post each new post to.

Click Connect

5.  Log in to the social network and authorize the connection.

Authorize app

6.  Once authorized it will redirect back to to the sharing page where you can select if you want to “Make this connection available to all users of the blog”.

7.  Repeat the process until you’ve connected all services you want to auto post to.

Connected accounts

Use Auto-post

Once you’ve connected any of your social networks in Settings > Sharing, you’ll see a Publicize section in the Publish module in your post editor.


When you publish a new post using Posts > Add New you will see it automatically appear on the services you enabled.

To opt out of a social network for a specific post you just need to:

1.  Click on Publicize Edit link

Click on Edit

2.  Uncheck any service you don’t want to auto post to.

  • You can even add your own custom message! 

Uncheck services

3.  Click Publish.

Images in Auto-post

When you auto-post to Facebook, Path and LinkedIn the images need to be at least 200 x 200 pixels to be included.  The image is selected in the following order:

  1. Featured image.
  2. An image attached and inserted into the post
  3. Any other image in the post.

Tumblr displays an image if the image is embedded within the first 256 characters of the post or you have used the Image Post format for your post.


  • You can’t auto post Pages (Pages > Add New)
  • A post is only auto-posted the first time it is published.  You can’t republish a post to trigger a new auto-post.
  • Only administrators, editors and author user roles see the Publicize section and can auto post a post.

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