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The text widget allows you to add text, embed code or HTML to your blog’s sidebar.

You can use a text widget to display text, links, images, HTML or add any other widgets you find on the Internet by pasting their embed code into a text widget in your sidebar.

This is how you add widgets from VokiShelfari BookshelfFlag Counter,  Feedjit Live Traffic FeedGoogle Calendar and so on to your blog’s sidebar!

Here are  an examples of what widgets from other websites look like when their embed code is pasted into a text widget in a blog sidebar:

Text widget


Once you add the widget to your sidebar in Appearance > Widgets, you’ll see the widget settings look like this:

Text widget settings

Adding embed code

The most popular widgets used on class blogs are widgets from other websites that are pasted into a text widget in the sidebar using embed code.

We’ve set up a widget demo blog to showcase the most popular widgets that educators, and their students, like to embed into text widgets in their sidebar so you can check out all the widgets in one handy location.

You add a widget from another website as follows:

1.  Copy the embed code for the widget you want to add.

Copy embed code

2.  Go to Appearance > Widgets


3.  Drag a text widget into your sidebar.

Add Text widget

4.  Add a tittle and paste the embed code into the text widget.

Paste embed code

5.  Click Save and Close.

6.  You should now see the widget in your sidebar.

Adding an image

While you can add an image to a sidebar using HTML code in a text widget it is easier to use the image widget.

You can learn more about the image widget here.