The ClassBadges Plugin

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ClassBadges is a service for awarding students badges for all types of school and classroom milestones.

Using the ClassBadges plugin on Edublogs, students can easily display all of their earned badges in their sidebar.

Configure Widget

Once you have activated the ClassBadges plugin in Plugins > All, go to Appearance > Widgets and add the ClassBadges widget to the desired sidebar.

Now set up your Classbadge widget as follows:

1. Login to your ClassBadges account at

2.  Drag the badges you want to share on your blog to your Public folder

3. Click on the Public folder and look for the W icon for ‘WordPress’ near the top

4. Copy the sharing code provided – this is your personal API Key

5. Paste the Sharing Code into the API Key field in the widget on Edublogs

6. Check out your blog’s sidebar and see your badges – these will update whenever you add badges to the public folder!

Works for Edublogs. Former secondary math teacher and wannabe musician. Follow me on twitter @ronnieburt!

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