Webinars and Live Training

Seredipitiy & Fine Focus Webinars

Ongoing professional learning where the topics change weekly. Open to everyone!

Every Thursday @ 4pm PST


What can I do with my class blog?

We’ll show you all of the different features available to you on your blog and how to use them!

More Coming Soon! Contact Us For More Info!

Campus Webinars

For new Campus site-admins or for those interested in learning more about Edublogs Campus.

Contact us to set one up!

Edublogs Webinars

These real-time events are delivered using Blackboard Collaborate, complete with audio, chat and desktop sharing.

To join a live event just click on the following link:



Blackboard Collaborate is a Community Partner with Edublogs.

To learn more about Elluminate check out:Get a Free v-Room

  1. Introduction to using Elluminate
  2. The Elluminate Quick Reference guide
  3. Join the Configuration Room to test your connection and configure your audio

Please contact us if you would like to:

  1. Make suggestions for show topics.
  2. Book sessions for your teachers and/or students (leave your contact details and information on what you would like covered).
  3. If you’d like to co-host a show — propose a topic plus date and time that works for you!
  4. You can contact us using our contact form

Live Event Archives

You can read summaries and listen to the recordings of many of the latest webinars here.