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You’ve made it to this page because you use one of our Edublogs Campus blogging networks at your school or university.

We have tons of exciting new features to share that you will want to explore and learn more about.

1. A new dashboard look

This will be the first thing you notice if you haven’t already. Everything is still in a familiar location, but the look and feel is a bit more polished.

As you explore the made over dashboard, you will find several improvements such as better search for themes, easier ways to sort posts and pages, and other little tools built in that should make blogging a bit easier.

2. The Admin Bar

Across the top of your blog you will find a new Admin Bar which will help you navigate around your blog and our site.

You can turn off this bar under Settings > Admin Bar in your dashboard if you would prefer – but we find it handy to quickly add a new post, login, or go back and forth between the site and dashboard.

3. Wikis

Settings allow you to choose between letting all visitors, only registered users, or a select few to edit the wiki. Changes are tracked and discussion is encouraged. This one we know many of you will love!

Read more about wikis on our help and support site here.

4. Custom Menus

Under Appearance > Menus you will find a brand new area for customizing the order and layout of your menus.

The drag-and-drop menu creation allows you to add links to any site on the web, specific categories, and more.

Adding custom menus is easy, and detailed directions on how are here.

5. Live Chat

Turn on the new Chat plugin and you and your blog users can be engaged in a real-time live chat, right on the blog. Set it so that the chat is only open when you are available if you’d like, or create an open chat room so students are others can visit anytime they like.

6. Blog and User Creator

*This feature may not be available depending on how blog and user management is handled on your site.

We took some of the complexity out of creating new users and blogs that we had before by rolling everything into this new and improved creation tool.

If your blog network allows, you will be able to more easily create additional blogs, student blogs or accounts, and set it up so that you can manage them right from the get-go.

7. Google Maps

There is also a new Google Maps plugin which makes it easy to add maps to your blog – including satellite and street views!

Best of all, it is easy to use, but you can find more details of how to use it here.

There’s more!

There is actually quite a bit more – including the ability to hide parts of a post until a selected time, improved form making, and updates to many themes. We will be sharing those in more detail in the coming weeks.

Should you have any questions or comments please let your site administrator know and they can pass it on to us if needed.