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Formidable Forms is a powerful plugin which allows you to easily create forms of all shapes and sizes – and so much more.

After activating the Formidable plugin in Plugins > All, you will see a new Formidable menu item added to your main navigation.

Creating a new form

1.  First, go to Formidable > Create a Form

2.  Choose between starting with a blank form or creating “From a Template”.

  • It is a good idea to start by using the Contact Form template to see how the plugin works.

3.  Add your fields by either dragging them into your form or by clicking on the field name in the menu on the right.

4.  Configure each field by clicking on the “Field Options” drop down menu.

5.  Click on “Create” at the bottom of the page.

Creating a Contact Page

Creating a contact page using the Formidable Pro is as simple as:

1  Go to Formidable > Forms.

2.  Click on Add New, select Contact Us and then Create.

3.  Hover your mouse over the Captcha field, now click  Trash to delete it.

4.  Now just edit the contact form to customize it to your needs.

  • The * next to a field means this is required information to submit the form.
  • Clicking on the * changes it to not required
  • Clicking on the Title allows you to edit the name.

5.  You can update the email address by clicking on Settings > Emails.

6.  Once you’ve made all changes click Update.

7.  Now go back to Formidable > Forms and grab your Contact Us shortcode.

8.  Go to Pages > Add New.

9.  Add a page title, your content, the Contact Us shortcode and click Publish.

Publishing a form

You have two options for publishing a form.

Option 1: Using a “shortcode”

This lets you put the form in any page or post in your blog

  1. Copy and paste the shortcode from the “Forms” page exactly as it appears, including the [ and ] symbols
  2. You can put the same form in more than one location on your blog

Option 2:  Use the “Formidable Form” widget

Works best with short forms such as single question polls or quick contact forms

  1. Go to Appearance > Widgets in you blog’s dashboard
  2. Drag the Formidable Form widget to your sidebar
  3. Choose the form you wish to show

Export form entries to CSV

  1. Go to Formidable > Pro Form Entries
  2. Select the form you would like to export (Note: if you do a search, only the entries matching you search will be exported)
  3. Click on “Download CSV” at the bottom of the page

Display form responses on your blog

  1. Use the shortcode [ formresults id=x ] where x is the id of the field you wish to display and there are no spaces after the [ or before the ]
  2. Use the shortcode [ frm-graph id=x ] to show a graphical representation of the data in your form
  3. Field id’s are found on the “Form Entries” page in the column header that displays the information.  For example, if the column header is “Name (mvh342 | 43) then 43 would be the field id.
  4. Use the Formidable Entries List widget