Adding and using forums on your blog

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The forums functionality allows each blog to have their very own forums – embedded in any page or post.

Forum overview

Please note:

  • Only logged in users can post in forums
  • Here’s how you add users to your blog so they can post in your forum
  • Forums do not support threaded comments. If you do want to use threaded comments, consider using posts instead. Send an email to Edublogs support if you have any questions.

Creating your new forum

1.  Go to your Forums menu item in your dashboard.


2.  Click on New to create a new forum.

Add new forum

3.  Add the name of your forum, description and if you desire select the main and secondary colors used, header and border color and border width then click Save.

New Forum Options

4.  Copy the forum shortcode.

Forum shortcode

5.  Create a new Page (or Post) add any text/media and then add the forum shortcode.

  • You CAN’T use the page title Forums.
  • The page title Forum will work fine.

Add forum page

6.  Disable comments and trackbacks on your page by deselecting the checkbox next to ‘All comments’ and ‘Allow trackbacks’.

  • If you can’t see the Discussion module to deselect the checkbox next to ‘Allow comments.’ go to Screen Options at the top of the page and select the checkbox next to ‘Discussions’.

Discussion Module

7.  Click on Publish.

Forum Publish

8.  View your Page with the embedded forum and click on the link to create your first forum topic.

Forum - Create new topic

9.  Just add a title and contents to the post then click Send Post.

Forum - Add new topic

10.  Click on New to create your next forum topic.

Forum Topics (New)

11.  Create your next new forum topic.

12.  Continue creating new forum topics until you’ve created your main forum topic threads.

Forum - Add new topic

13.  Once finished you’ll have a forums overview page where you can see the forum topic titles, number of response and a forum search.

Forum with three topics

Posting in your forum

Only logged in users can post in forums.

Here’s how you add users to your blog so they can post in your forum.

Subscribers, contributors, authors and editors can only edit their own posts.   They can’t manage any other aspects of a forum.  Administrators can manage all features of forums.

To post in a topic thread or to create a new topic thread you need to be logged into your Edublogs account:

Here is how you log in:

1.  Go to the blog URL.

2.  Click on the Log in link on the admin bar.

Admin bar login

3.  This takes you to your login page where you need to enter your username and password then click Log In

Edublogs login

Once logged in all you need to do is:

1.  Click on the title of the topic thread to post in that forum thread.

Click on topic thread

2.  Add the information you want to post and then click Send Post.

Forum - send post

3.  Alternatively click on New to create your own topic thread.

Forum Topics (New)

Managing your Forum

As an admin user you, and all other administrators, can:

  1. Edit anyone’s forum posts.
  2. Delete anyone’s forum post.
  3. Delete any forum topic – permanently deletes that forum topic and all replies.
  4. Close any forum topic – stops everyone from being able to post in that forum thread but they are still able to view posts.
  5. Open any closed forum topic – used to open up a forum thread if you want to re-enable ability to post under that forum thread.
Subscribers, contributors, authors and editors can only edit their own posts.   They can’t manage any other aspects of a forum.


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