If you’re a teacher, you have the ability to add private comments to a student’s post for feedback. The student in turn can also respond to those comments privately. This is possible as long as the student’s blog is connected to a class blog via My Class.

Private comments and replies to private comments are only visible to the teacher who added the comment and to the student for whom the comment is intended.

Read Private Comments

Private Comments left by a teacher on a student’s blog are displayed under the student’s posts in the Reader, and not in the Comments folder.

To read your comments, in the Reader under My Account click on My Posts to filter the feed to only display your posts.

Click My Posts under My Account

Once the feed has been filtered to display your posts, click Read More to read any comments made.

Click read more

Reply To Private Comment

To reply to a private comment, click Reply and start typing in the Add Comment section below.

Click reply to leave a private comment

Any replies made to a private comment will also be marked as private, and will not be visible to anyone else except the person you are replying to.

Replies to a private comment are marked private