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Every comment submitted on Edublogs.org blogs is checked against the Akismet servers.  Any comment identified as spam is automatically marked as spam and is sent to your comment spam folder.

Please note:

  • Akismet isn’t automatically installed on CampusPress networks.
  • If you would like Akismet installed on your CampusPress network you need to ask your Blog Support team to organize it by contacting Edublogs support.

About Akismet

Akismet is one of the best ways of protecting blogs against spam commenters however occasionally it automatically marks legitimate comment as spam.

If this happens the commenter won’t see their comment published or a message saying “Your comment is awaiting moderation”.   This indicates it has been sent to your comment spam folder.

Checking your spam folder

It is a good idea to regularly check your spam folder for legitimate comments because you don’t receive email notification when comments are sent to your comment spam folder.

This is as simple as:

1.  Go to Comments inside your dashboard.

Comments page

2.  Click on the Spam link.

Filter by comment type

3.  Scroll through the comments and click on Not Spam under any comments that are legitimate comments.

If a student comment is marked as spam then unmarking it as Not Spam should quickly retrain the Akismet servers to recognize that their comments aren’t spam comments.

Mark as not spam

Dealing with Spam comments

The Akismet server learns from comment you mark as spam.

Akismet is very accurate but occasionally doesn’t mark a spam comment as spam.

Any spam comments that Akismet hasn’t detected as spam should always be marked as spam by clicking on Spam.

You should click on Trash for any comments you want to delete that aren’t spam.

Spamming comments