Table of Contents Plugin

The Table of Contents Plugin is designed to help you add tables of contents to posts, pages and sidebars. Once you’ve activated the Table of Contents plugin in Plugins > All it automatically adds a table of content before the first heading on any page with four or more headings. Here’s an example of the default…Continue Reading Table of Contents Plugin

Change site privacy

Site visibility controls who can and can’t view your site. There are six privacy options: Two public options – allows any one who knows your site URL to view the content on your site. Four private options – restricts who can view your site using a login page. Change Privacy Site privacy is controlled under…Continue Reading Change site privacy

Delete Site or Blog

To delete a site or blog you need to go to Tools > Delete Site inside the site dashboard you want to delete. Log in to your Edublogs account (if you are not already logged in) and go to Tools > Delete Site inside the dashboard of the site you want to delete. Select the check…Continue Reading Delete Site or Blog

Change site address (URL)

Your site address, also known as your site URL, is what people use to access your site.  It’s what they type in the address bar of their web browser to visit your site. is an example of a site URL and Edublogs Help and Support is the site title. Your site title is changed in…Continue Reading Change site address (URL)

Change site title

Your site title is displayed in the title bar of a web browser and in the header of most themes. It is one of the first things a visitor sees when visiting your site.  Choose a name that reflects the purpose of your site and is something site visitors can relate to. To change your…Continue Reading Change site title

Cancel Edublogs Pro Subscription

Edublogs Pro is designed to automatically renew unless you cancel your subscription prior to the next payment date. You cancel your Edublogs Pro subscription by logging into the dashboard of your Edublogs Pro site and click on the orange +Pro Account button at the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard. This takes you to your Pro account page…Continue Reading Cancel Edublogs Pro Subscription

Navigate between dashboards

All the sites attached to your username are listed on your My Sites page.  This means you don’t need to log out of the dashboard of site to work inside the dashboard of another site! There are three main ways to access the dashboard of another site attached to your username: Using admin bar Once you’re…Continue Reading Navigate between dashboards


The first screen you see when you log into your site is the dashboard of your administrative area. Your default Dashboard Your dashboard is made of your main navigation on the left hand side and Reader on the right. Main Navigation Menu Your navigation menu is on the left side of your Dashboard. Hovering your cursor…Continue Reading Dashboard