Editor Access Manager Plugin

By default, access for editing posts and pages is granted only to administrators and editors.  The Editor Access Manager plugin that allows you to grant access to specific user groups or users to edit selected posts and pages. Once the Editor Access Manager plugin has been activated in Plugins > All Plugins you’ll see a new Editorial…Continue Reading Editor Access Manager Plugin

WP SMO plugin

WP SMO plugin is designed to optimize your content for social networks by improving the way your content is displayed when shared on a social media website.  This helps achieve more re-shares, re-tweets, likes, and increased visits to your site. It improves Social Media Optimization (SMO) by adding Twitter Cards and Open Graph meta tags…Continue Reading WP SMO plugin

Scroll To Top Plugin

The Scroll to Top plugin adds a Scroll Up button to your site that allows readers to go back to the top of the page with just a click. Once you’ve activated the Scroll to Top plugin in Plugins > All a new menu item is added to Settings > Scroll Top where you enable the scroll…Continue Reading Scroll To Top Plugin

Slide In Plugin

The Slide In plugin adds smooth slide-ins to your site to grab your visitors attention to share messages, content or to add a call to action like a Subscribe by Email form. After activating the Slide-In plugin in Plugins > All, you will see a new Slide In menu item added to your main navigation…Continue Reading Slide In Plugin

Content Update Notification Plugin

The Content Update Notification plugin is designed to notify by email anytime a post or page is published or updated.  Ideal for multi-author sites where administrators need to be alerted to content change for review or regulatory compliance. Content Update Notification plugin is a CampusPress only plugin. Configure plugin Once you have activated Content Update Notification…Continue Reading Content Update Notification Plugin

Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin

The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin allows you to regenerate thumbnail sizes for one or more images that have been uploaded to your media library. This is useful when you’ve switched to a new theme that uses featured images of a different size compared to your previous theme.  All new images uploaded after activating the new theme look…Continue Reading Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin

Accessibility plugin

The accessibility plugin helps with a variety of common accessibility problems in WordPress themes.  It adds a number of helpful accessibility features that can be enabled or disabled based on your theme’s needs.  It can’t correct every problem and if you have strict accessibility requirements you should use one of our Accessibility ready themes. Once…Continue Reading Accessibility plugin

Customizer Export/Import plugin

The Customizer Export/Import plugin allows you to export or import customizer settings so you can perfect the look of a theme on a site then export and reuse your theme presets on numerous sites.  This is a quick way to apply the same theme settings to multiple sites. Any settings that are stored as theme mods…Continue Reading Customizer Export/Import plugin