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The Compfight Safe Images plugin is a quick and easy tool to quickly find, add and add proper attribution for Creative Commons images to your posts.

Below is an example of an image inserted using Compfight Safe plugin:

Snowflake (focus stacked version)
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Alexey Kljatov via Compfight

Using Compfight

Once activated the Compfight Safe Images plugin in Plugins > All you use it as follows:

1.  Go to Posts > Add New (or Pages > Add New)

Add New Post

2.  Write  your post.

3.  Place your cursor where you want the image to appear and then click on the Compfight  icon.

Compfight icon

4.  Add your search term and click Search.

Add search term

5. Click on S (Small), M (Medium), L (Large) or F (Full size) to add the image to your post with proper Creative Commons attribution.

Click on Size

6.  Image is added to the post with proper Creative Commons attribution.

Compfight Settings

You can change the Compfight options in Settings > Compfight.   In most situations you would not change these settings.

Compfight settings

Search images under:  Controls whether your term searches Tags only or all text.

Image Licence:  Controls whether your term searches Creative Commons images or Commercial images.  You should only be adding creative commons images to posts/pages.

Original Images: Switch between searching all images or only images that have original images.

Size when inserted into the post:  Used to change the image size when inserted in the post.

Image Layout template: Controls what is added to the post when an image is inserted.