The Disable Comments Completely plugin allows you to disable comments completely on your site or on specific post types.

Using Disable Comments Completely

Once you activate the Disable Comments Completely plugin in Plugins > All you use it as follows

1. Go to Settings > Disable Comments

Disable comments

2. Select if you want to disable comments everywhere or on specific post types.

3. Click Save Changes.

Disable Comments Everywhere

Disable everywhere

Disable comments everywhere applies the following changes:

  1. Hides the Comments link from the admin bar
  2. Hides the Comments menu from the navigation menu inside your dashboard.
  3. Removes Settings > Discussion.
  4. Removes all comment widgets from Appearance > Widgets.
  5. Disables the comment feed.
  6. Hides the comment form on all post types.

You must delete any existing comments from your site before applying this setting otherwise comments may still display on posts.

Comments are deleted as follows:

1.  Go to Comments.

All Comments

2.  Select the checkbox next to Author (this selects all comments on the page).

Select Author

3.  Select Move to Trash from Bulk Actions drop down menu.

Move to trash

4. Click on Apply.


5.  Repeat until all comments have been moved to the trash folder.

On certain post types

Certain post types

On certain post types is used if you only want to disable comments on specific post types.

All comment related fields are hidden from Edit/Quick Edit screens and the settings can’t be overwritten on individual posts.