Great for giving blogging a try,
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Powerful blog tools. $7.95 per month
or $39.95 per year.
Dedicated WordPress network
for schools & universities!
Storage Space Upload images, video, audio, and files.1 GB50 GBUnlimited
Student & Class ManagementAdd students to classes and groups to manage their content.okokok
Lock down student blogs for grading.
Write Posts & Create PagesPublish unlimited number of posts and pages.ok
Post limits apply per day.
Unlimited posts and pages per day.
Unlimited posts and pages per day.
Customize LookChange theme, background, logos and more.okokok
PluginsExpand functionality by activating plugins to add extra features including forms, social sharing and more.okokok
Full Privacy OptionsControl who can see your siteokokok
Ad Free & Student Safe100 % Ad free and designed to be used with students.okokok
Mobile FriendlyUse the browser on your phone or tablet to write posts on the go.okokok
24/7 SupportWe're well known for our quick and helpful support.okokok
Allow Search Enginesokok
Embed HTMLEmbed content like slides, videos, comic strips, quizzes, polls using their embed code.okok
Complete Visitor StatisticsSee which posts are the most popular and track visitor stats.okok
Email SubscriptionAllow visitors to subscribe to email notifications of your new posts.okok
Use Your Own Custom Domainokok
Network Management ToolsEasily create and manage all sites, users and their content as well as which themes and plugins can be used.ok
Site TemplatesSet up templates that can be used for creating other sites that are almost an exact copy of the template site.ok
CloningClone site to a new URL.ok
Single Sign OnAllow users to log in with LDAP, Google Apps, Shibboleth, CAS, Azure, ADFS and more.ok
LMS IntegrationIntegrate with your LMS.ok
White LabelComplete control of logos, URLs and branding of all sites.ok
Custom Designs and ThemesUpload your own custom themes or have our team create your custom themes.ok
Batch Create Sites & UsersBulk create sites and users by uploading CSV files.ok
Host in your RegionChoose from USA, Canada, UK, Europe or Australia Data centers.ok
Full Database ExportsRequest complete back up and exports if needed.ok