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Flickr is an image and video hosting website which allows users to upload, organize and share their favorite photos and videos.

It’s a popular tool used by bloggers as a photo repository and for sourcing Creative Commons images.

Using Flickr you can easily post a photo from your Flickr account to your Edublogs.org using their web interface or via email.

Setting up Flickr

1.  Create a Flickr account (if you don’t already have one).

2.  Go to Flickr and sign into your Flickr account.

3.  Visit your Settings page.

Go to Settings

4.  On your Account page, click on the Sharing & Extending tab.

Click on Sharing and Extending

5.  Click on More Sites and choose the WordPress option.

Click on WordPress

6.  Add your WordPress API endpoint, username, password and click Next.

Add your WordPress blog

7.  Your Flickr account is now connected to your blog.

8.  Click on Edit.

Click Edit

9.  Click on Select a blog layout.

Select layout

10.  Choose your preferred template for blogging a photo and for blogging a video.

This controls the alignment of your image (or video) when it is published on your blog.

Choose your layout

11.  Your account is now set up and you’ll be able to post from Flickr.

Posting from Flickr

When you want to blog a photo from Flickr, you just need to:

1.  Click on the Share button above the photo.

You can share your own photos or other Flickr users photos.

Remember you should only be sharing other Flickr users’ photos if they are licensed under Creative Commons.

2.  Select your blog from the list.

Select your blog

3.  Add your post title, your text then click Post.

Add your post info

4.  When you view your blog you’ll see your photo posted from Flickr without logging into dashboard.

Post on blog

Posting from Flickr using email

You can also email your photos to Flickr and set it up to automatically post to your blog.

Here is how:

1.  Go to Upload by email to your blog, set up your blog and click Save.

Set up email

2.  You’ll now see the email address you need to use to post to your blog.

Email address

3.  Add this email address to Contacts on your mobile device.

Add to contact

4.  Now go to Photos on your mobile device.

5.  Select the photo you want to email from Flickr and tap on Share options.

Click on Share

6.  Then just select Email photo, add the Flickr email address, your subject line and your text then press Send.

Only text written above the image in the email will be posted onto Flickr and your blog.

Post by emal

7.  When you view your blog you’ll see your photo posted from Flickr via email without logging into dashboard.

Posted by email