The Publications Manager plugin provides an easy to use tool for organizing and displaying publications.  It is a CampusPress only plugin.

Once you’ve activated the Publications Manager plugin in Plugins > All you’ll see a new Publications menu item added to your main navigation.

Add Publication

You add a new publication as follows:

1. Go to Publications > Add New.

Add New Publication

2. Add the publication title and publication description.

Publication information

3.  Add the publication author and publication tags.

Publication authors

4.  Select the publication type and add the publication year.

  • There is a wide range of publication types to select from including book, proceeding, thesis, collection, conference, presentation.

Publication type

5.  Set the featured image.

Publication type

6.  Complete the main information, general information, detailed information, advanced information and notes fields.

General information

7.  When you’ve finished adding the information click Publish.

Add Publication page

You add your publications to a page as follows:

1. Go to Pages > Add New

Add new page

2.  Add the page title.


3.  Click on the Publications icon and select Publications List.

Publication list

4.  Select the number of publications per page and the authors then click OK,

Publication list options

5.  This inserts the publication shortcode.

Publication shortcode

6.  Click Publish.

7.  When you view your page you should see your publications listed.

Below is an example of what a publication listing looks like on the publication page.  

Publication example

Search Publications

Readers can search publications on your publications page using the search field at the top of the list by entering the search term, publication type and/or year and then clicking on Filter.

Publication search