The Scroll to Top plugin adds a Scroll Up button to your site that allows readers to go back to the top of the page with just a click.

Scroll to top button

Once you’ve activated the Scroll to Top plugin in Plugins > All a new menu item is added to Settings > Scroll Top where you enable the scroll to top button and configure it.

Enable Scroll to Top Button

1. Go to Settings > Scroll Top

Scroll To Top Settings

2.  Select Enabled and JavaScript Async.


3.  Click Save Changes.

As you scroll down the page on your blog the default scroll to top button will appear.  When you click on the button it scrolls back to the top of the page.

Scroll to top button

Configure Scroll To Top Button

In Settings > Scroll Top there are a range of options for configuring the button including:

  • Hide on small devices
  • Hide on iFrames
  • Display on selected posts and pages.
  • Auto hide
  • Display as an image or text.  Images can be selected from the provided Image Buttons or you can link to your own custom image using the Custom URL option.
  • Display in your preferred location on the page.