The Slide In plugin adds smooth slide-ins to your site to grab your visitors attention to share messages, content or to add a call to action like a Subscribe by Email form.

After activating the Slide-In plugin in Plugins > All, you will see a new Slide In menu item added to your main navigation menu in your dashboard.

Create Text Message Slide-In

You create a text message slide in as follows:

1. Go to Slide In > Add New

Add New Slide In

2. Add your Title and the message you want to display in the Slide In.

Add your title and message

3.  By default, the Slide In displays for logged in and logged out users on all pages.  Use the options in the Conditions module if you want to select who sees the message and where you want the message to show.

In the example below the Slide In is displayed to logged out users on the homepage only.

Conditions module

4.  Click Publish.

5.  When you view the front end of your site you should see the Slide In appear as you scroll down the page.

Slide In on homepage

Other Slide In Content Types

The Content Type module controls what goes in your Slide In.

Content Type

MailChimp Subscription Form Slide In

The MailChimp Subscription form allows you to connect to your MailChimp account to display a Slide In to subscribe to your MailChimp list.

MailChimp Slide In

Related Posts Slide In

Related posts uses WordPress’s default tagging system to pull in posts and looks something like this:

Related Posts slide in

You create a related posts slide in as follows:

1. Select Related Posts in the Content Type module then choose the number of posts to show, select the Related taxonomy, select whether to display a thumbnail or not and add the title.

Related Posts

2.  Select “Posts” post page in the conditions module so the Slide In only displays on a post page.

Posts post pages

3.  Click Publish.

Sidebar Widgets Slide In

You can add a widget like the Subscribe by Email widget to a Slide In as follows:

1. Go to Slide In > Settings


2.  Scroll down to Advanced and select Allow widgets.

Allow widgets

3.  Click Save Changes.

4.  Go to Appearance > Widgets


5.  Add the widgets you want added into the Slide-in Sidebar.

Slide In Sidebar

6.  Go to Slide In > Add New

Add New Slide In

7.  Select Sidebar widgets in the Content Types Module and add your title.

Sidebar widgets content type

8.  Click Publish.

9.  When you view the front end of your site you should see the Slide In appear as you scroll down the page.

Subscribe by Email slide in

Global Settings

The Global settings apply to all Slide Ins unless overridden using the Override Global Settings option when creating a slide in.  Global settings are changed in Slide In > Settings.


Behavioural settings

Used to control at what point on a page a Slide In is shown, how long it displays and what happens to the Slide In once a visitor closes it.

Behavioral settings

Appearance Settings

Controls the appearance of the message.

By default, the message position is left and the Slide In appears from the left on the page.

Message position can be changed to:

  • Slide In from top
  • Slide In from right
  • Slide In from bottom
Message Position

By default, the message displays across the full width of the site.

Full Width

You change width by unselecting Full Width and adding the Message width.

Set Width

Message style and Color scheme are used to change the look and appearance of the message.

Message Style

Social Media Services allow you to add social share options to your slide in for your visitors to share the message with their social network.