Purchase Bulk Pro subscriptions

Bulk upgrades are cost effective option when you want to upgrade more than one site to Edublogs Pro. Bulk upgrade options are: $99.95 (USD) per year for 5 bulk upgrade credits. $149.95 (USD) per year for 10 bulk upgrade credits. $189.95 (USD) per year for 15 bulk upgrade credits. $239.95 (USD) per year for 30 bulk upgrade credits. A…Continue Reading Purchase Bulk Pro subscriptions

Upgrade to Edublogs Pro

By upgrading your site to Edublogs Pro, you get access to more themes and plugins, increased storage space, student management tools, plugins and more! About Edublogs Pro An Edublogs Pro site allows you to: Change privacy to allow search engines. Add embed code. Enable student moderation. Access more themes and plugins. Increase your storage space. View your visitors…Continue Reading Upgrade to Edublogs Pro