This support documentation explains how use bulk upgrade credits.  Refer to Purchase Bulk Pro subscriptions for purchase information.

About Bulk Upgrade Credits

Bulk upgrades of Edublogs Pro works differently from a single Edublogs Pro. Single subscriptions of Edublogs Pro are automatically applied to the site you upgraded and single subscriptions of Edublogs Pro automatically renew unless cancelled prior to the renewal date.

Bulk upgrade credit don’t expire until used and each credit can upgrade any site to Edublogs Pro for a year. You don’t need to be a user on a site to upgrade it to Edublogs Pro using a bulk upgrade credit.

Bulk upgrades aren’t automatically applied to your sites.  Credits are added to the username of the person who made the purchase.  

After you’ve purchased a bulk upgrades you’ll see your available credits listed on your Bulk Upgrade page. Scroll down the page, select a site you are a member of to upgrade or search for the site using the site domain.

Use Upgrade Credits

Bulk upgrades apply credits to the username of the person who made the purchase. These credits need to be manually applied to each site you want upgraded. The credit upgrades the site to Edublogs Pro for a year and you can set it to automatically renew.  If a site has an existing single subscription of Edublogs Pro you need to cancel the automatic renewal of the subscription and then wait until just after the Edublogs Pro subscription expires to apply the bulk upgrade credit.  

Bulk upgrade credits are applied as follows:

1.  Click on the Bulk Upgrade link under ‘Upgrade Blog‘ or ‘Pro Account

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2.  Your available credits are listed near the top of the page.

Available Credits

3.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to ‘Find Sites – search for a site to apply an upgrade to’ where you will see an options to:

  • Choose a site you are a member of
  • Search for a site.

Choose a site you are a member of

The “Choose a site you are a member of’ helps you quickly upgrade sites you are a user of.

Select the site(s) you want to upgrade then click Upgrade Sites.

Select site and click Upgrade Sites

If the sites is already upgraded you’ll see ‘Already upgraded’ next to the site address with the Pro expiry date.

Search for a site

Search for a site allows you to upgrade any site to Edublogs Pro without being added a user to the site.

Enter the domain of the site you want to upgrade and then click Search.

Search for site

Once the correct site is found select that site and click Upgrade Sites.

Select site and click Upgrade site

Check Expiry Date

Any site you’ve upgraded using a bulk upgrade credit is listed under Previously Upgraded Sites at the bottom of your bulk upgrade page.

Expiry dates