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The WP PayPal Payment adds a PayPal donation widget to your sidebar.

It is added to Appearance > Widgets when the Accept PayPal Donations plugin is activated in Plugins.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s added to a blog sidebar:

PayPal donation widget

What's On This Page?


Once you add the widget to your sidebar in Appearance > Widgets, you’ll see that the widget settings look like this:

PayPal settings


To set up WP PayPal payments you need to configure it in Settings as follows:

1.  Go to Settings > WP PayPal Payment.


2.  Change the Widget Title.

Add your widget title

3.  Add your PayPal email address.


Add your PayPal email address

4.  Choose your Payment currency.

Choose your payment currency

5.  Customize your Payment subject.

Customize your payment subject

6.  Add your payment options.

Payment methods

7.  Select checkbox if you want visitors to add their own donation amount.

Select if they can add custom amount

8.  Select checkbox if you want to show Reference Text box.

Reference Text

9.  Choose the submit button style.

PayPal button

10,  Return URL from PayPal allows you to add your own custom thank you page or leave it as your blog URL.

11.  Click Update Options.