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You can add sharing buttons to your posts and pages so that your readers can easily share your content on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks using the Sharing module in the JetPack by plugin.

The sharing buttons are displayed at the bottom of post content when you use the Sharing module.  To display sharing buttons before your post content use the AddThis Social Share plugin.

Enable JetPack Plugin

To get started you first need to activate the JetPack plugin as follows:

  1. Enable Jetpack using existing account
  2. Enable Jetpack by creating a new account

Set up your Sharing buttons

You add sharing buttons to your blog as follows:

1.  Go to Jetpack > Settings

Jetpack Settings page

2.  Hover your mouse over Sharing.  This brings up the Activate link which you click to enable the Sharing module.

Click Activate

3. Go to Settings > Sharing

Go to Sharing settings

4. Drag and drop the services you want to use into the Enabled Services area under Sharing buttons.

Drag and drop the sharing buttons

5.  Select your Button Style.

Select button style

6.  Customize your Sharing label (optional).

Sharing Label

7.  Select if you want links to open in same window or new window.

Select link option

8.  Select where you want the share buttons to be displayed.

Select where share buttons displayed

9.  Click Save Changes.

Save changes

Here’s an example of the share buttons at the bottom of a post:

Example of sharing buttons on posts

Add Share Buttons video

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