My Class is the ultimate tool for managing, moderating, and monitoring student blogs or digital portfolios.  My Class allows you to manage all your student blogs or portfolios from a single dashboard by connecting them to a class, course, or year-level hub. You have complete control of their privacy, can choose if students are allowed to publish their own content or if approval is needed before any content is published. Moreover, with My Class, you can run user-based activity reports to see when and where students have published content or left comments.

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General Info

Student usernames, site URLs, and site titles tips
Create student accounts without email addresses

My Class

My Class Overview

Create Student blogs

Set up My Class
Create Student blogs (Student creates)
Create Student blogs (Teacher creates)

Join a Class

Add existing student blog


Set up moderation
Approve pending posts/comments
Approve pending pages

Reading and Commenting

Reading student posts
Commenting student posts
Reader and privacy on student blogs

Add Private Comments

Delete blogs

Delete Student Blogs
Restore a deleted student blog
Remove blogs from Class

Add student users to class blog

Add New Users
Add Existing Users

Add new teachers to student blogs

Add new teacher

My Class User Roles

About user roles
Standard User Roles
My Class User Roles
Teacher Role
Student Role

Student Users

Password & Email address

Retrieve lost student password
Change student password
Change student email address
No email option

Add / Remove Users
Remove Users
Restore removed users

Bulk add user to multiple blogs
Bulk Remove yourself from Blogs

Student Blogs

Delete Blogs
User Reports

Teacher Challenge

From our professional learning series for teachers

Set up Class Blog
Publish first Class pages
Publish first Class posts
Teach Commenting skills
Add Widgets
Connect with Parents
Use images
Embed media
Use videos
Connect other classes
Set up student blogs