The Accessible Social Share plugin adds accessible social sharing buttons to every post and page, so readers can easily share your content on their social networks.  

Here’s an example of what it looks like when activated to display at the top of posts:

Sharing buttons

Configure Plugin

Once you have activated the accessible social share plugin in Plugins > All, go to Settings > Scriptless Social Share to choose the look of your social share buttons and where they are displayed.

Scriptless social sharing

Select your button output.

Button output

Select the buttons you want to display, their order and remove or change the optional heading.

Button Settings

Select where you want the buttons to display.

  • Buttons show on the post page; not the blog post page.

For manual placement, you can add your buttons directly to your content with a shortcode. 

To add them just like you have them set up in your settings, use this shortcode: 


If you want to remove the heading, use this shortcode:

[scriptless heading=””]

If you only want to add certain buttons, you can add this shortcode with the attributes for the buttons you want separated by commas (no spaces):

[scriptless buttons=”email,facebook”]

Customize your social network settings.

Social network settings

Click Save once you have finished customizing your settings.

Post Editor

The post and page editor includes an option to add a custom pinterest image, set a custom description for your pins or disable the sharing buttons on a specific post or page.

Scriptless social sharing