You are able to uploaded any file provided the file is not larger than the maximum file upload size (50 MB) and is an allowed file format.

Before uploading files, please ensure that you own, or have permission to distribute them. If you do not own the files, and do not have express permission from the owner or copyright holder, you aren’t allowed to upload to your site.

Refer to Copyright and fair use to learn more.

Allowed file formats include:





.gif – must be inserted as Full Size image for animated gif to play.



.doc, .docx

.ppt, .pptx

.xls, .xlsx


Documents are inserted into a post or page as a link.  When readers click on the link to the file it either opens up in another web browser or downloads the file onto their computer.  If you would like to embed an actual document, you can use the Embed Any Document plugin.





.mp3, .m4a and .wav can be embedded in Embed Media player.


.mp4, .m4v






mp4 and m4v can be embedded in Embed Media Player.  Other video formats are inserted as a link.


. ins, .isf, .te, .xbk, .ist, .kmz, .kes, .flp, .wxr, .xml, .fjsw, .zip, .epub