The Co-Authors Plus plugin is designed to allow you to assign multiple authors as a byline to a post, page or custom post type.

Add Co-Authors

Once the Co-Authors plugin has been activated in Plugins > All Plugins you’ll see an Authors module below the post/page editor when writing a new post or editing an existing one.

search for an  author

If someone is an existing user of your site you type their name into the Author field and then click on their user details when they appear.

  • Existing users are listed in Users > All Users and are added to your site using Users > Add New.
  • Only admin users or editors can add co-authors.

You can drag/drop authors to change their order in the post byline or remove them as a co author by clicking on Remove.

Add Guest Authors

You can also add guest authors to your site using Users > Guest Authors.

The guest author option is used when you want to assign the byline of a post/page to authors that haven’t been added as users to your site.  A guest author isn’t able to access the dashboard of your site and this option is used when you write a post together with other people who isn’t users on your site.

You add a guest author as follows:

1. Go to Users > Guest Authors

Guest Author

2.  Click on Add New.

Add new guest author

3.  Complete the Guest Author information and Set Featured image to upload their avatar.

Guest info

4.  Click on Add New Guest Author.

5.  Your new guest author is now listed in Users > Guest Authors and is added to the post using the Authors module below the post/page editor.

Co-Author Byline

Co-authors are displayed at the top of the post underneath Authors.

Below is a screenshot of what it looks like on a post.