Corpus is a responsive theme for corporate or blogging sites. It supports slideshow, custom menu and sidebars.


When you first activate Corpus, you’ll see a header image with a link to See Documentation.


You replace this image, text and link as follows:

1. Go to Appearance > Customize 


Or click on Customize in your admin bar.

2.  Click on Slideshow in the Customizer to reveal the Slideshow options.


3.  Click on Slide 1


4.  Click on Change Image 

Change Image

5.  Choose an image from your media library or upload a new image from your computer.

6.  Click on Choose Image.

7.  Replace the text in slide heading, slide content, slide button (text) and slide button (URL) with your own content or remove all text from these fields.

Slide info

8. Your new image should appear in your blog preview window.

9.  Upload an image to Slide 2 if you want to display as a Slideshow.

9. Click Save & Publish on the Customizer to activate the new image (or slideshow) on your blog.


Remove Header

The header image with a link to See Documentation is added using Slide 1 in the Slideshow in the Customizer.

By default, an image, or slideshow, will always display unless you switch off Slideshow as follows:

1.  Click on Layout.


2.  Click on Slideshow.


3.  Select the checkbox next to Disable slideshow section.

Disable Slideshow

4.  Click Save & Publish on the Customizer.


By default, headboxes are displayed under the Slideshow.

You replace the text and link in the headboxes as follows:

1  Click on Headbox.


2.  Click on Column 1.

Column 1

3.  Replace text in Headbox title, Headbox content, Headbox button (text) and Headbox button (URL) with your own content.

Column 2

4.  Repeat the process to replace all text in Column 2, 3 and 4.

4.  Click Save & Publish on the Customizer.

Remove Headboxes

By default, the headboxes are only displayed on the homepage.

You control where the headboxes are displayed in Customizer > Layout > Headbox.

Disable headbox