The My Class feature is used to bulk create new student blogs when My Class is set up on the blog. This is the recommended way for teachers to set up and mange students blogs. Before creating student blogs with the My Class function, the Classes plugin must be activated and you must create a class.

Activate the Classes Plugin

The Classes plugin must be activated before you can create student blogs. You can activate the plugin in the Plugins of the blog dashboard or Plugins > Installed Plugins on the network admin dashboard.

Follow the instructions below to activate the plugin on the network admin dashboard:

1. Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins on the network admin dashboard

Plugins - Installed Plugins

2. Scroll until you see the Classes plugin and click Network Activate

Classes - Network Activate

Create a Class

The My Class tab will now appear in the dashboard menu of your blog.  Once you have activated the Classes plugin, you will need create a class.

Follow the instructions below to create a class:

1. Go to My Class > Create Class

My Class - Create a Class

2. Set preferred Settings

My Class Settings

3. Click Save.

Create Student Blogs

Once you’ve set up My Class there are two options for creating student blogs:

  1. You create the student blogs using My Class >  Create Student blogs
  2. Students to create their own blogs using the Edublogs sign up page

Alternatively, if you would prefer them to only publish posts on the class blog you add them as users using My Class > Add Student Users.

Follow the instructions below to create the student blogs for them:

1.  Go to My Class >  Create Student blogs.

My Class - Create Student Blogs

2.  Add username, email address, password (optional), blog URL and blog title then click Submit.

  • If your students have an existing Edublogs username then you just need to add the email address attached to their existing username,  blog URL and blog title then click Submit.
  • You leave the username and password field blank as they log into their new blog using their existing username and password.

This creates their student blogs, adds them as a user to the class blog, adds you as a user to their student blog and connects their student blog with the class blog. 

Create student blogs

3.  The student blogs are created and all student blogs are listed in My Class > Student blogs where you manage all pending posts and comments.

Please go to My Class > Settings and click Save to update all student blogs if you or your students see a  “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”  message when logging into their student blog dashboard.

My Class - Student Blogs

Navigating between dashboards

When you set up My Class your student users are added as user to the class blog and to the student blog.

The menu items they see depends on which dashboard they are logged into and what settings you have set in My Class > Settings.

If you used the following My Class > Settings:

My Class - Settings

Menu items when logged in as a student user would look like the following:

Menu Items

If your students see limited menu items it means they are logged into the Class blog dashboard and need to navigate to their student blog dashboard.

Changing blog dashboards is as simple as:

1.  Go to My Sites drop-down menu in your admin bar.

2.  Click on the dashboard of the blog you want to access.

Navigate Dashboards