There are two options for subscribing to Edublogs Pro:

1.  Purchase a single Edublogs Pro subscription at $39.95 per blog/year (renews each year)

2.  Or purchase a Bulk upgrade to:

  • Upgrade 5 blogs for US$99.95 for one year (renews each year)
  • Upgrade 10 blogs for US$149.95 for one year (renews each year)
  • Upgrade 15 blogs for US$189.95 for one year (renews each year)
  • Upgrade 30 blogs for US$239.95 for one year (renews each year)

Single Edublogs Pro Subscriptions

If you purchase a single Edublogs Pro which blog is upgraded depends on which blog dashboard you were in when you signed up to be a Edublgos Pro user i.e. it is per blog not per user.

Subscription is automatically activated on this blog once your PayPal payment has been processed.

Bulk Upgrades

The bulk upgrade option for Edublogs Pro works differently from a single Edublogs Pro:

  • None of your blogs are automatically upgraded to an Edublogs Pro.
  • Instead after purchasing your upgrade your username is given Pro credits which you then use any time to upgrade your blogs to Edublogs Pro.

You upgrade blogs to Edublogs Pro using your credits as follows:

1.  Click on the Bulk Upgrade link under ‘Upgrade Blog‘ or ‘Pro Account

2.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and enter the name of the blog you want to upgrade and then click Search.

  • For example would be entered as 
  • It won’t work if you include the http://

3.  Once the correct blog is found select that blog and click Upgrade.

Please Note:

The credits remaining shows the number of blogs you can upgrade to Pro status.