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Invite Users allows you to invite users to your site so that you don’t need to create their accounts or add them as users.

How To Invite Users

1. Go to Users > Invite Users in your dashboard


2. Add some text for your invite code. Keep it short.

Add invite code

3. Select the default role of the users that enter this code.

  • If you are using My Class you select the default role Student.
  • You can always change roles later and can create different codes for different permission levels.
Assign role

4. Decide if you want the user to be prompted to create their own site during the sign up process if they don’t already have one.

  • Select ‘force users to create a site in process’ if you are using My Class and want your students to create their own blog while signing up for their account. This creates their site and automatically attaches the site to the class blog.
Select site creation option

5.  Click the Add New Invite Code button.

6. You will now see an Invite Link.

Invite link

The code has some numbers added to the front to ensure it is unique.

Share the Invite link with those you want to invite to your site.

Using Invite Link

You use Invite link as follows:

1.  Pasting the Invite link URL into your web browser.

Invite link

Existing users will be able to login and will be automatically added to the site. New users will be prompted to create their new free account before being added.

  • If you have an existing account click on Already have an Account?  Sign in! to log into your Edublogs account.

2.  Enter your username, add your email address (optional for student), password, site title, site URL, select ‘I agree to terms of service, select “I am not a robot” and click Create a site or click Register Account.

  • You won’t site title and site URL if the invite code doesn’t allow the user to create a site.
Create a site