The JSON Feed plugin adds feeds in JSON form to your site.

It’s used if you want to integrate content from your site to other sites using JSON feed rather than RSS or CORS.

JSON Feed plugin is a CampusPress only plugin.

Once you have activated the JSON Feed plugin in Plugins > All it automatically creates your new feed.

Your new JSON feed is located by adding ?feed=json to the end of your site URL.  For example,

Featured images in JSON feed

Featured images in JSON feed is supported as follows:

  • thumbnail’ and ‘thumbnail-full’ keys are being added to the feed, first will have URL to thumbnail in ‘post-thumbnail’ size and second to ‘full’ size.  If post-thumbnail size is not registered (Function Reference/set post thumbnail size), both will list full size URL.
  • In situations where a featured image is not set at all, both will have ”false” value.