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Some themes offer a special custom menu for adding your social icons which allow your site visitors to quickly access your social media profiles.

Social media icons

With these themes you’ll see Social listed under Theme options in the menu settings in Appearance > Menu and in the Customizer.

Social menu

Set up Social Links Menu

You set up your social links menu as follows:

1. Go to Appearance > Menu


2.  Add a menu title and then click Create Menu.

Add menu name

3.  Add each social profile to your menu using a custom link by adding the URL, link text and clicking Add To Menu.

For example, to add a link to Edublogs’s Twitter account the URL would be https://twitter.com/edublogs/ and the Link text would be Twitter.  For a link to Edublogs’s YouTube account the URL would be https://www.youtube.com/user/edublogssupport and the Link Text would be YouTube.

Custom link

4.  Drag and drop the link items when you want it to appear in the menu.

Drag drop items

5.  Select Social under Theme locations in menu settings.

Select Social menu

6.  Click Save Menu.

Click Save menu

7.  Your theme should now display icons for the services you’ve added to your social links menu as long as those services are supported by your theme.


  • Where the links are displayed depends on your theme.  Some themes display the social icons in the header while other themes display them in the footer.
  • If your theme doesn’t support a social links menu it may provide text fields for adding social media links within the Customizer.  The text fields are usually in a panel called Theme or Theme Options.
  • The alternative option is to add links using the Social Media Icons Widget.