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Edublogs Pro is designed to automatically renew unless you cancel your subscription prior to the expiry date.

The method you use to cancel your subscription depends on when you signed up as an Edublogs Pro user:

Subscribed after Jan, 2012

If you signed up as an Edublogs Pro user after Dec, 2011 you just need to:

1.  Log into your blog dashboard.

2.  Click on the orange +Pro Account button at the upper right-hand corner of your dashboard.

Pro Account

Alternatively, you can follow this link: and select “modify subscription.”

3.  Click on Cancel Subscription on your Pro Account page.

Subscribe before Jan 2012

If you subscribed as an Edublogs Pro user prior to Jan, 2012 you just need to:

1.  Log in to your PayPal account.
2.  Click the My Account tab.
3.  Click  History > Basic Search subtab.

Searching PayPal historyt
4.  If you can’t see Edublogs listed on your All Activity page, under Name/Email, just select change the display date to include the date you signed up as an Edublogs Pro and click Show.

Changing the display range in history tab

5.  Click Details next to the subscription.

Accessing a payment details
6.  Click on the Reference number of the subcription.

Clicking on your PayPal reference number

7.  This takes you to the Subscription page for that payment.  Just scroll down the page and click on Cancel Subscription.

Cancel PayPal subscription

Pro Expiry Information

  1. When you cancel your PayPal subscription it doesn’t immediately cancel your Pro blog features — your blog will remain a Pro blog until the date your current subscription expires.
  2. Your expiry date for Edublogs Pro is shown on My Blogs widget.

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