When requesting support please try to include as much information about your query as possible.

Doing so allows our support team to investigate the issue faster and perform required tests in order to provide you with a better support experience.

Below is some of the recommended information to be included in support requests whenever possible:

  • Detailed description of the issue/request
    Provide as descriptive an explanation as possible. Doing so saves time and minimizes additional emails from our support trying to gather more data.
  • Site/Page URL of where the issue can be seen
    Always include the URL of your site, or page where the report can be seen. If the issue is happening on multiple pages, include a URL to each page.
  • Steps to replicate
    Outline steps needed to replicate the issue, some reports can be tied to specific actions taken so this allows our team to check things accordingly.
  • Screenshots
    Include screenshot(s) of your issue whenever possible. Providing full screen capture of the issue helps our team to sometimes find relevant info that on first look seems unrelated.
    You can upload your screenshots to any file sharing service, like Google Drive or Dropbox, and include the download link in your message.
  • Device and Browser information (OS, Browser, Screen size)
    Some issues can be device specific so the following info will allow us to test in similar conditions:
    Browser and OS used together with their version numbers, screen size and resolution.
  • Timeline of the issue
    Include date and time (and timezone) of when the issue started happening, or the last time you remember things working properly.
  • Additional information
    Provide any additional information that you think our team might find useful. For example, if you already performed some tests on your end, checking on different devices or browsers, testing with multiple accounts, etc.