The Bulk Media Downloader plugin allows users to select, zip and download multiple media files from their media library at the same time.

It is a CampusPress only plugin.

Download Media Files

Once the Bulk Media Downloader plugin has been activated in Plugins > All Plugins you’ll see an option to download media files in your media library.

You download media files as follows:

1. Go to Media > Library.

Go to Media Library

2. Select the type of media files you want to download or leave as all media items.

3. Click on Bulk Select.

Click on Bulk Select

4. Click on each media item that you want to download.

Select the media items you want to download

5. Click on Download Selected Items once you’ve selected all media items you wanted to download.

Click on Download Selected Items

6. A pop up window appears that shows the progress of the file download.

File download progress

7. Once downloaded you unzip the zip file to view the files.