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In one simple step, you’re able to bulk delete student blogs using My Class.

Once a blog is deleted no one is able to view the blog’s content or access it’s dashboard and any one visiting it’s blog address will see the following message:

Delete message

Important tips:

Do NOT delete a blog to create a new username or fix an issue with a student username.

Do NOT delete a blog to get rid of old posts or content.

Please contact Edublogs support if you need to change a username or remove old posts so we can assist.

Bulk delete student blogs

1.  Go to My Class > Student blogs in your class blog.

My Class > Student Blogs

2. Select the check boxes next to the blogs you want to delete.

Archive Student Blogs

3. Select ‘Delete selected blogs‘ from the ‘Choose Action’ drop-down menu.

Delete student blogs

4. Click Apply.

5.  This will automatically deletes these blogs and removes them from your Student Blogs page.

Restore a deleted student blog

Once a blog has been deleted no one is able to create a new blog with that same blog URL.

Please contact Edublogs Support if you’ve deleted a student blog by mistake and need us to bring the blog back online.

Please include the following details in the email:

  • The student’s username
  • Email address attached to username
  • The Student’s blog URL
  • Please include an alternative email address — in case your school email account blocks replies from Edublogs support.