Google Analytics is used to provide detailed statistics of visits to your blog such as who’s coming to your blog site, how they’re getting there and what interests them.

Google Analytics can be enabled in Edublogs Pro, Student blogs (attached to an Edublogs Pro via My Class), and CampusPress blogs.

If you are a Super Admin of a CampusPress network, and are interested in enabling Google Analytics on all of the blogs in your network, please read this guide.

Create Google Analytics account

1. If you are new to Google Analytics, click on the link to “sign up for Google Analytics” or go to

Analytics - Sign up link

2. Click Sign in.

Sign in

3.  Click on Google Analytics.

Click on Google Analytics

4.  Sign in with your gmail account or click on Create Account to create a gmail account.

Sign in with gmail account

Set up Google Analytics Tracking ID

Once you have created a Google Analytics account, you’ll need to create a tracking ID for your blog.

1. In your Google Analytics account, click the Admin dashboard.

Analytics - Admin

2. Under the Accounts panel, create a new account.

Analytics - Account panel

3. Select “Website” and “Universal Analytics”

Analytics - New account

4. Fill in your account and web property information.

Analytics - Account setup

5. Select your Data Sharing Settings, and click “Get Tracking ID”

Analytics - Get tracking ID

6. Accept the Google Analytics Terms of Service Agreement.

7. Copy your Tracking ID

Analytics - Tracking ID

Set Basic Network Tracking Settings

1.  Go to Settings > Google Analytics in your blog dashboard.

Analytics - Settings

2. Click Login with Google account.

Analytics - Google login

2. Grant Google Analytics access.

Analytics - Allow access

3. Paste your Google Analytics tracking ID in the Site Tracking Code field.

Add tracking code

4. Select Tracking ID for your blog from the drop-down menu.

Select blog

5. Click Save Changes.

Click Save Changes


  • After saving changes, your Dashboard > Statistics may take up to 24 hours to load visitor data.
  • If your blog is part of a CampusPress network, your Super Admin may have set Statistics to display visitors across the entire network by default. Your new data should load within 24 hours.
  • To view more in-depth information about your visitors into
  • If you want outside visitors to come to your blog, make sure to set your Site Settings to “Allow search engines to index this site.” in Settings > Reading.
  • To learn more about the statistics displayed, read this quick tutorial.