The latest comments block displays the most recent comments readers have left on your blog.

Here’s what it looks like when it’s added to the Block Editor.

Latest Comments block

To add a latest comments block to a page you click on the + icon at the left of any empty block or at the top left of the editor then search for latest comments, or locate it in the Widgets section, and click on the Latest Comments icon.

Add Latest comments block

More detailed instructions for adding blocks can be found here.

Block Toolbar

You reveal the block’s toolbar by selecting the block. The latest comments block toolbar has option to change block type and alignment.

The change block type or style icon is used to transform the block to a group block.


By default, the archive block is aligned left.  Click on the change alignment icon and select the preferred alignment.

Choosing right or left will allow you to place another block alongside the latest comments block. Choosing center will return the block to its default, taking up the full width of the post or page.

Alignment options

  • Align left: used to align comments left.
  • Align Center: used to center align comments.
  • Align Right: used to align right comments.
  • Wide Width: used to align comment blocks to stick out from normal content on either side.
  • Full Width: stretch the latest comments to the entire width of the browser window while the normal content remains with margins on either site.

Wide width and full width alignment will only work if the theme you are using supports this feature.

Block Settings

Additional options for the latest comments block are located in the editor sidebar of the block editor.  Click on the Settings icon next to the Publish/Update button if you don’t see the editor sidebar.

The Latest Commens Settings allow you to choose whether you display the person’s avatar, the date of the comments and the full comment or an excerpt of the comment.

Latest Comments block

The advanced tab lets you add a CSS class to your block allowing you to write custom CSS and style the block.