Comments are enabled on posts by default and you can approve, delete or edit any comments left on your site.

You can change your default comment settings at any time and have full control over whether comments appear immediately or comments are moderated and need to be approved by an administrator before appearing on your site.

The three choices are:

  1. First time commenter moderated.
  2. All comments moderated.
  3. Comments aren’t moderated.

Comment moderation settings on student blogs attached to My Class are controlled in My Class > Settings of the class blog.

First Time Commenter Moderated

First comment moderated

The default comment setting on all newly created sites is ‘Comment author must have a previously approved comment before a comment appears’.

This means any visitors that have had a comment approved on your site in the past will have their comment immediately posted and only comments from new visitors are placed in the moderation queue.

All Comments Moderated

All comments moderated

If ‘Comment must be manually approved’ before a comment appears is selected this means all comments will go into moderation and the comment needs to be approved by an administrator, teacher or editor before appearing on your site.

A comment submitted by the post author is always published immediately; it isn’t sent into moderation.  For example, if your student publishes a post on your class blog and submits a comment on their own post their comment is published immediately.

Comments Aren’t Moderated

Comments not moderated

When this comment setting is used comments can be posted by anyone and appear immediately on your site

This setting isn’t recommended as it can lead to increased spam comments and risks of inappropriate comments being published.  The recommend setting are ‘Comment author must have a previously approved comment before a comment appears’ or ‘Comment must be manually approved’.

Change Comment Moderation

You change your comment moderation as follows:

1.  Go to Settings > Discussion

Discussion Settings

2.  Choose your preferred ‘Before a comment appears’ setting.

All comments moderated

3.  Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.