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The Review Notifications plugin notifies administrator of posts pending for review.

Below is an example of the email sent:

Example of notification email

You use this plugin if you want to be notified by email when posts are submitted as pending review by:

  1. Contributors on a group blog.
  2. Student users on a class blog when My Class > Settings is set to “Yes, with moderation – able to submit post pending review on class blog”.
  3. Student users on a student blogs when My Class > Settings is set to “I must approve all posts – use if you want to check all posts before they are published”.

Please note:

  • When used on student blogs you need to activate and set up the Review Notification plugin on each individual student blog.  
  • Most teachers check posts pending review on student blogs using the pending folder in the Reader.

Once you have activated the Review Notifications Plugin in Plugins > All you configure and set up as follows:

1.   Go to Settings > Notify for Review

Notify reviewer

2.  Add your admin email address.

Add your email address

3.  Click Save Changes.

Save changes