We recommend the following guidelines for K12 students for privacy reasons:

  • Never use full first and last names for students.
  • Use only their first name or a pseudo name and apply this rule to their username, site URLs, site titles, any photos (including file names), documents, comments.
  • Educate their family and care givers so they are aware of your guidelines and encourage them only to leave comments such as Matt’s mum or Samantha’s nana.
  • Consult your school leaders or Principal to check if there are any specific requirements you need to follow for your school.



Your student’s username is what they use to sign into their dashboard and is displayed on posts and comments they write.

Most teachers don’t allow students to use first and last name online and model this using display names like Miss W or Mrs. Waters for their own name and display names like Misty for their student name.

Use only lowercase letters and numbers, with no spaces, in usernames.

It is common to use the same name for both the student’s username and site URL.  Keep both simple and easy for the student to remember. For example, username mistybp16 and blog URL mistybp16.edublogs.org.

Most use a combination of their student’s first name followed by numbers that might represent the year, class number and/or school.  The combination of letters and numbers is used to make their username unique.

Use a combination of letters combined with a number that represents the year they started school or are finishing school if you want the student to use the same site for their entire school life.

Site URL

During the creation of your student site you have to choose a site URL – also known as a blog URL.  This is the link you share with others when you want them to visit your students’ sites.

Educators normally use the same for both the student’s username and site URL.  Keep them simple and easy for the student to remember. For example, username mistybp16 and site URL mistybp16.edublogs.org.

Site URLs can’t be changed once created and you need to create a new site if you want to change the URL.

Site Title

Class blog widget

The site title is one of the first things a reader sees when visiting a site.

We recommend that you keep the Student’s first name as the first part of the site title if you are using My Class to make it easier to identify each student’s site.

The site title can be changed any time via Settings > General in the student blog dashboard.

Create Student Accounts

My Class is the best option for creating and managing students as it allows you to manage all your student blogs or portfolios from a single dashboard by connecting them to a class, course or year level hub.

Learn more about My Class here.